Friday 19 October 2007

Lewis and Clark

October 19, following the Lewis and Clark trail in Helena Montana. Did the entire route in less than a kilometre. Interesting interpretive plaque quoting Meriwether Lewis stating (paraphrased): despite all the hardships including "caring for Sacagawea" (or "the Indian woman"), no man complains, all go cheerfully on. Interesting summation of the relationship of men to women and landscape.
Walked 27.5km since last entry, a little better.

Tuesday 16 October 2007


26.86 km since the 11th. Walked in the coulee with D and S on the weekend. Lovely fall day. Drove out to Pavan Park and walked up the Old Man River for a ways. Retraced the same route looking for car keys. Unsuccessfully. Waited to be rescued by C after finding a cell phone signal and calling for help.

Friday 12 October 2007


Walked 24.1 km since last post. Not much. Work is getting in the way of work, or rather work is getting in the way of Work. Oklahoma City was a very pleasant virtual walk, hot and scenic. I did a short walk in Calgary last week, but spent most of the time on a ladder staring at a mouldy ceiling.
The walk from the parking lot to the university presents surprises sometimes. Last week the apparently disembodied head of a male mule deer with a nice set of antlers was munching on long grass beside the pathway as we passed. Optical illusion of course, it was standing on a steep hillside with only its head showing, and bounded away as we approached.

Thursday 4 October 2007

Uleth Oct 3

I've only walked 27.63 km since the last post, mostly in hallways.
Today I'm thinking of walking in Oklahoma City, a place I've been only once before. At that time we drove around the city looking for a water pump for an old Hyundai Pony, a car that no one in America had heard of. So we couldn't find the right part and had to fill up the radiator with barsleaks, a kind of cooling system glue, and hope that the water pump didn't blow up till we reached Houston. We never did find the part in the US and eventually when I had to fly back to Canada, I bought one at Canadian Tire and mailed it back to Houston. No walking was involved in that visit to Oklahoma City. I now have to imagine strolling the streets of a place I can only remember as the interiors of numerous radiator shops and auto parts sales outlets.