Tuesday 30 December 2008

Dec 29

Bright sunny warm day with a very refreshing breeze. Post-season relaxation.
Walked about town with CW, had lunch, shopped, stopped for a cappuccino. Read a New York Times article about the end of Polaroid film.
Dec 28 - 8.11km, 29 - 8.73km.
Sidewalks relatively clear and a pleasant walking day.
Storms tomorrow.

Sunday 28 December 2008

Dec 27

Dec 21 - 4.64km, 22 - 7.05km, 23 - 16.73km, 24 - 5.23km, 25 - 5.23km, 26 - 7.98km, 27 - 5.99km.

Walking in the snow and ice over the early winter secular break. There was a sudden warm up and a big melt but another big storm is expected.

Sunday 21 December 2008

Dec 20

Back in Peterborough. Walked about 15 km in Perth and airports on the 14-15 of Dec. Mostly in Airports it seems. I don't know why I keep expecting flying to have some element of pleasure in it. Maybe for those at the front of the plane.
Much different walking experience back here than in Perth of course. Snow and ice underfoot. Sidewalks covered with heaps of snow makes walking on the road unavoidable.
Dec 16 - 6.20km, 17 - 6.35km, 18 - 9.00km, 19 - 9.14km, 20 - 13.64km. the kms add up when shoveling snow.

Sunday 14 December 2008

Dec 14

Today was an odd day to say the least. Got up early and packed up, checked out of my accomodations and prepared to leave Australia. Only walked about 6-8 km. Wandering.
Realized at dinner time that departure times and arrival times weren't matching up. Missed my flight - big trauma. I'll be walking in airports for a while.
On the bright side - saw big flocks of green parrots in the palm trees outside the airport.

Saturday 13 December 2008

Dec 13

Cancelled the idea of a test walk to the airport - too hot. Booked the airporter for tomorrow. Today I strolled back up to Kings Park and walked through the bush area and the botanical gardens. 16.05km total.
Saw more birds today, green backed parrots, gullahs, lorikeets etc., although the park was surprisingly quiet. No people in the bush area and there had been a large brush fire - judging from the signs posting an award for information leading to the arrest of vandals I assume it was not a natural fire. Very interesting plants of Western Australia in the Botanical grdn. Remarkable lawns, I don't know the type of grass used but it is very flat, green and doesn't seem to need much water.

Friday 12 December 2008

Dec 12

Took it easy today, went to the museum and did some shopping. As a result only walked 11.35km. The days have become very hot - 30-35 degrees with intense sun. I'm trying to walk from shadow to shadow. Seeing this roo made me think it would be wise to take it easy for my last couple of days here. The Christmas season is building to a pitch here, unusual for me because it's summer weather. Considering a test walk to the airport today.

Wednesday 10 December 2008

Dec 11

Long walk today - 23.85km. Hot sun alternating with cold wind. Walked out to East Perth to a small private art museum and then along the Swan river all the way around to kings Park in West Perth. Then back up through town to North Perth and on to Northbridge.
Mostly high-end urban renewal neighbourhoods along the river, although there is parkland between the waterfront highway and water for a good distance.

Dec 10

Rainy today, spent the day dodging in and out of dry sanctuary. Walked 13.06km despite the weather though. It was sort of pleasant to be out of the sun for a day. I went back to the Western Australian Art Gallery and discovered a wing that i hadn't seen before. Spent more time with the Indigenous Art Award show - remarkable work. Also spent some more time at the Perth Institute for Contemporary Art.
Perth is a city marked by barriers to walking. Highways, bridges, train tracks, rivers. It would be easy to spend the entire time in one small part of the city. Today I'm planning to go to the rivers edge and see where it leads.

Tuesday 9 December 2008

Dec 9

13.33 km walked while negotiating a city divided in two by rail and highway systems. North and South communities very different.

Monday 8 December 2008

Dec 8

Although I had planned a quiet day after my 37 km yesterday, I still managed to walk 11.5km. I'm in Northbridge, a great multi-ethnic neighbourhood in Perth.

Sunday 7 December 2008

Dec 7

Walked around Rottnest island today, all around the perimeter for a total of about 35km. Lots of sun, breeze and Quokkas (a small marsupial of the wallaby family). There are no cars on the island which made for a very pleasant walking experience. There are busses, but the drivers are respectful of cyclists and walkers, although I only met one other walker - most people were on cycles.

Saturday 6 December 2008

Dec 6

Starting from the port area walked out toward the suburbs, 16.56km total. The burbs seem to be an international plague. The bright spot was a cemetery with an award winning architect designed mausoleum - quite a remarkable space. As for the rest - aside from interesting residential architecture the burbs seemed like burbs.

Back at the backpackers, Jimmy Hendrix is playing loudly and there is much shrieking by young women and incomprehensible yelling by young men.

Friday 5 December 2008

Dec 2 - 5

Not doing as much walking as anticipated. The conference interfered with my walking schedule.
Dec. 2 -6.59km, 3 - 5.85km, 4 - 4.28km, 5 - 16.48km.
Fremantle has a concentrated core around the waterfront and docks with a large and sprawling suburb. Walking tends to be most attractive along the waterfront and there is much of it, but as is usual with industrial port cities a lot of the waterfront is inaccessible.

However, as a consolation I have been discovering the pleasures of Fremantle's many different craft beers and Margaret River Wine.

Sunday 30 November 2008

Nov 27 - Dec 1

Walking in Fremantle, Western Australia. dive-bombed by a pair of Willy Wagtails defending their nest (with three chicks) Hot with cool breeze off the Indian Ocean.
Nov 27-29 - 5.70km (travel from Peterborough to Perth), 30-12.89km, Dec 1 - 16.48km.

Nov 14 - 27

Nov 14 - 27 delayed, check back

Thursday 13 November 2008

October 23 - Nov 13






Vancouver, Kingston, Toronto, Markham, Peterborough.

Oct 23 - 7.87 km., 24 - 13.21km, 25 - 9.16km, 26 - 4.01km, 27 - 7.50km, 28 - 9.88km, 29 - 7.51km, 30 - 2.80km, 31 - 4.68km, Nov 1 - 8.45km, 2 - 3.18km, 3 - 3,59km, 4 - 10.92km, 5 - 3.21km, 6 - 5.35km, 7 - 8.74km, 8 - 8.16km, 9 - 3.25km, 10 - 3.01km, 11 - 7.98km, 12 - 5.69km, 13 - 5.31km.
Total = 142.46km

Wednesday 22 October 2008

Sept 30 - Oct 22

Sept 29 - 3.09 km, 30 - 5.70 km, Oct 1 - 6.24 km, 2 - 7.16, 3 - 6.03, - 4 - 7.81, 5 - 3.17, 6 - 3.35, 7 - 7.86, 8 - 6.95, 9 - 3.47, 10 - 2.82, 11 - 11.25, 12 - 6.40, 13 - 3.7, 14 - 7.52, 15 - 12.55, 16 - 10.47, 17 - 19.53, 18 - 5.62, 19 - 4.48, 20 - 4.30, 21 - 3.52, 22 - 7.71.
Peterborough, Georgian Bay, Clarington, Ottawa.
Total = 160.70 km

Sunday 17 August 2008

Erratic Space Victoria Park

I've been walking in Regina for a project at the Dunlop Art Gallery: Erratic Space - Victoria Park O8.
All posts from July 20 to Sept. 14 will be on - http://erraticspacevictoriapark.blogspot.com
This is my workspace at the Dunlop. This post's title is a link.

Tuesday 24 June 2008

Folks, Berks, and Bighorn Ultra

Sheridan, Wyoming

Bighorn Mountains

Livingston. Montana

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Leaving for Calgary


Wednesday 28 May 2008


Walked 594.73 km since Feb. 11 - in at least nine different cities.

Art and Walking

Lethbridge walk


Grass fire



Friday 21 March 2008

Recent Travels

Ottawa - Maman

Monday 11 February 2008


Feb 11 - Walked 118.24 km since last post, its been a long time though, almost a month. Been to Calgary every weekend except for a trip to Winnipeg and one weekend home. Walked around the coulee edge thinking about a potential camera obscura. Had a pedometer breakdown & had to estimate distance for a few days. Walking mostly indoors so can't GPS.

Sunday 13 January 2008


In Calgary visiting Father at the foothills hospital. Walked at least 64.86km (and probably more) from Jan 1 to 13.

Tuesday 1 January 2008

Dagmar's Shoes

Dagmar's shoes are walking in Paris.
Jan 1. 2008. 117.36 km walked since last tabulation. Not much considering the amount of time that has passed. Winter time - inconvenient walking combined with employment demands.